The Promise of Purity

Fresh water is the Earth’s most precious commodity and also a vital part of healthy, sustainable living.

At WaterBox, we offer a sustainable and innovative solution that provides you access to this valuable resource with minimal harm to the environment. We treat water with the utmost respect to deliver pure, healthy, and delicious drinking water to you.

Our environmentally friendly solutions are simple, yet practical, employing a multi-stage filtration and disinfection process that purifies water straight from the tap and eliminates the need for plastic bottles.

Expect More from Your Water

Water is an essential part of our life and lifestyle. From drinking it to washing fruits and vegetables, to cooking with it, it’s ingrained in our day-to-day life. That’s why WaterBox employs the highest standards and best available technology to ensure that every drop of water is as pure as it can be.

Our elegant and internationally-acclaimed multi-stage, micro-filtration dispensers apply an additional stage of chemical, impurity and odor reduction, ensuring you get naturally healthy,very pure,cold or hot water with a refreshing taste.

By making the switch to bottle-free water, you can also save money while saving the planet.Our eco-friendly bottle-free dispensers will instantly reduce your carbon footprint and also provide a continuous supply of fresh drinking water untouched by human hands and without the environmental impact and waste of plastic bottles. That means you do the world a little good with every sip you take.

Switch to better water and a greener environment

(How do I get one?)

Do a Bit of Good
by Drinking Better Water

WaterBox offers an environmentally responsible alternative to bottled drinking water.  Our bottle-free dispensers link directly to your tap water at home or workplace and act as a second multi-stage filtration and disinfection system.

The system actively disinfects, removes impurities, chlorine and odors from your domestic water, ensuring you get a continuous supply healthy and fresh water with the best possible taste.

Our extensive range of innovative, elegantly designed, and convenient water purification systems encourage well-being through drinking water, while promoting environmental sustainability.

To find out more, get in touch with us at: (+971) 50-4661148 in Dubai, U.A.E

Glass After Glass of Goodness

About Us

At WaterBox, we see the opportunity for a more responsible path to improving the water supply inside the home, whether used for drinking, cooking, washing, gardening, or otherwise.

We strive to reduce the Carbon footprint of each of our customers by implementing sustainable water treatment and delivery alternatives with the least impact on the environment, while safeguarding the health, hygiene, and well-being of all occupants, and promoting re-use and recycling wherever possible.

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